Thursday, September 6, 2012

It Repeats

Frozen chilly lonely nights when this "sad event" took place. Being alone and the eerie silence that makes this event so bloody drama. It kept on repeating again and again. It's like the creator never satisfied and thinks that each time it's not cruel enough!!!. Just came back yesterday night from Malacca sending my sister back to work and for good. Now am left alone at home again. Seriously i am not being a baby but just when i am about to move a pace out of it and here I am being sucked in again. Is this some endurance program  for Avengers that i don't know about??


  1. Yes it is.

    Things will always get better right after you finished the "program".


    1. Owh...i can't wait. Like a boy i am excited. :) I just wanna feel peace.