Monday, April 16, 2012

A Friend

I begin my secondary years in a strangers land. Port Dickson. I shall say that is my ever favorite times of my schooling years. It lasted only 8 months though. Then i started my second half of my Form 1  in a strangers land. Triang, Pahang. A mandarin speaking land that when you speak became an instant super star.  I have problem communicating as i don't really speak mandarin. Of course it's different now. I guess..   .Never been there for 13 years at least. In everybody's life there must be one hero at least. In mine there's two. :) One is really my hero and the other is the one i admire.

As i recall....This hero of mine is the first guy that i have spoken to om my first day at school. Then we didn't became best friend but friend. At that time..everyone in my class is one year older than me. So in a way he became protective. Not romance but it's like this.......... He is like the head of the bad boys in school. So no best friend pat on the back.or hugs and so on but instead its the mess hair brushing on the head and he will always appear in front of me whenever i got bullied at school. You know i only realize that i am gay when i am in Form 4. So i have no clue at all about bromance At that time all i know, i have great respect for him and am grateful to him even  though he always mix with the junkies. I remember that i like to smile at his girlfriend. Though she is from the back junkie class but she has very cool attitudes. Well it's always the bravest would be with the bravest. She never hesitates to fight if the situation demands. She is also very pretty. Very modelesque.

Form 2 started and i was one of the prefect in school. This time i don't know, how come he is the one who got to sits beside me in class.. :)  Between him and i.  I am better with home works and studies. So i always unconsciously guides him to study. Imagine teaching a triad head? well sort off.. ahahah... When ever i was assigned to watch over areas like behind the toilets or at any quiet areas..i would always get disturbed by this other hyenas. Fact...apparently all these hyenas hates school prefects and they calls prefect the school dogs. Well i think it should be diamond dogs. ahahaha. Well anyway whenever such things happen my hero will always turn up. He would stand in front of me and dares those junkie to fight and then hush them away. Then after a few months into Form 2, my Hero passed away due to a bike accident.

As i recall it's a weekend. I remembered crying but i can't remember how much i cried. I remembered hating my mom for not allowing me to attend his funeral. I can't remember much of that day in detail though.  He must have been quite an impact in my life that i have to tell myself to wipe off this part of my memory of him in my life. I have not much memory on that day  at all. After that incident my studies drop from good to bad through out my secondary years.

But then this i can remember very clearly. A few weeks after that... during recess i was assigned to watch this area at the back of the school and these hyenas who always failed to bully me  actually came back. It was quite a bad feeling at that time. I am quite scared and at the same time sad. All i can do is just act ignorant to their threats. Well when you are not reacting it makes the hyena's anger grew... so they begin to speak louder and one of them begin to catch both of my arm and shake my body. So i was trying to push him off but as i am about to react  i  heard a girls voice. It was my hero's girlfriend. I know it sounds kinda funny in a way but she actually helped me out. Continuing what her boyfriend used to do. I remember that was the day i regained my smile. After that even his brothers continue looking out for me.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sometimes you are just speechless.

Sometimes you are just  speechless. How ignorant one could be. Innocent? I really don't know. Common sense? Where is it? Did my face resembles the virgin ass? Definitely.

-Everyone in the car expressed that it' has been 6 months since they have been to Mid Valley. 
-Elder sis have to check stock at Borders and found out that they did not display her stocks properly.
-Second sis offered to help.
-Elder sis friend from Singapore on vacation offered to help.
-I did nothing but got Angry.
- Does it makes sense when you as a distributor did not visit the store for the last 6 months when you live in Subang? 
-Now that everyone is here happy and jo9lly for a few hours only. They have to help you do your work?
-WORST!! Elder sis friend from Singapore on vacation looked at me and wonders WTF what is wrong with this guy?.
-When it ends......elder sis says..."Shop fast cause i have to pick Boyfriend" 
-Even my hair in my ear started tingling.
- I then decided to text friend. cause wanna avoid disputes.
-Yesterday friend ask to go MP but i rejected. Now i think i need it.
-Text friend  " Hey, are you going MP tonight?"
-Friend replied after ten minutes... "Confirm 10pm"
- Got happy a bit and out of just answering the usual "OKAY " I replied " oh, so you are picking me up at 10pm?"
-Suddenly phone rang. When answered....friend says " No, what i mean is i will confirm with you again at 10pm, cause now i am at Sunway Lagoon's beach party"
- Totally Dumb founded......
Sometimes you just wants to keep quiet and hopefully it goes away peacefully. Not hopefully actually, no matter what you know it will go away. Problem not solved.and it repeats. 

Friday, April 13, 2012


Got this from Danny DTBM as one of the winner of one of his annual contest. Eh? is it annual ah? Anyway now i can be all feisty while blogging..or something else...ahhahah. Thanks Danny. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

GaGa Over It

I wish one day i can be like this!! Not the bulge of course. That is kinda permanent already..hahahha...but those skinny legs and that slim body. This body actually compliments the clothes he is wearing don't you think?  Doesn't it looks super i am mentioning "desirable" it's with smokes coming out of my mouth. My goal... to have a body that compliments clothes and not the clothes hiding all my creamy layers!! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Cute Vid...Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

If he is my neighbor! hmmphhh.... i'll....... .......Zip!!!.........zap!!!! you baby!!  (He says of course!!!)  :)   Kakakaka... Watch till the end

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


 It's a nice video. Nice song too. Just wanted it to be in my blog.


I said i need to be calm and he gave me a call. My cousin are around , so i can't smoke. My parents were here with my aunt. They must touch every thing in the house cause to them they are doing me a favor of cleaning. I totally appreciate that but when two overdressed identical stool is put evenly beside a book rack. You just don't stack it up together to make space. That is just one of the examples.Hmmm have to withstand so many stuff. Am i crazy to think that his voice is so sweet? 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Friend friend couldn't stop asking me about him. Orrghhh.... She wants the picture and every detail. How can someone be so persistent? I stop Texting her the whole day and her text couldn't stop appearing and whats worst, she is so excited about it till every text is only like two to three words and it takes like five text to make up one sentence. Hahaahh...... I'm very flattered that she takes so much interest in my grey episode but i have decided to talk less about him. Why? Cause i notice that i am unconsciously building my feelings for him as i speak of him. Well the sweet flashbacks and all. I don't want to be someone who rushed into something as i think everyone knows how this "little fresh sweet moments" could lead to. It makes you smile non stop like crazy, and makes us missed that not yet happen guy so much!! I have to be calm....Calm...............calm..calm...calm..  ..........calm...............calm.....