Monday, March 11, 2013

Carmelo Munzone

Too many SAD people around me today!!  :( Hope everyone could cheer up soon.  I found this video. There is just no way you wont feel happy if you kept on smiling like him. You don't even need to look good to be attractive if you smile like that!! 
What's sexy about him is that he giggles at the end of each laugh. (even when he sings)  When he speaks...  he sounds like he is wearing braces or something!! mildly retarded. That is just so cute and sexy!!  He even could speak when he is still smiling !! Like his lips doesn't close and move!! Doesn't fancy his Hunch-Chubakka-doing-the-Igor-walk-on-the-runway thingy though. His giggles just kills and so adorable.  He is also humble, and the combination of his shyness but there's a confident smile underneath?? Damm attractive!! 

Hope this video makes you guys out there smile at least a bit. 


  1. :)

    Hehe, I think am one of the "sad" people around you as well...


    1. Hahah... yesterday there is my sis who just broke up with her bf and her friend who came to teman her was quarreling with her own bf as well. And i was angry with rafflesia pulak!! I hope you are feeling better already Xing.

    2. Yup, am listening to happy tunes now.


    3. Glad to know Xing!!
      Cheers!! Sleep tight!!

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  3. Haha he was adorable! I was smiling the entire time that he was singing. And his singing was great too. Thanks.

    1. Yeah, I was smiling and I didn't realize it pun. Hahaha........

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