Friday, March 8, 2013

UPs and DOWNs ii

So the third story. Two day ago when I'm at Pyramid. I went smoking at the stair case at the back near a toilet. Then a guy came in. Looking super chic with his uniform. Cause he paired a pair of brown leather shoes with his all black uniform. OWH!!! With a skinny pants!!! Soooo chic!!! He sat near me. Not close but I could see him and he could see me. Immediately i have this comfortable feeling. You know like when you first saw someone and you get to somehow judge that that person is warm or cold? This I felt warm.... It's almost like I can go straight to him and place my hands on his shoulder and start chatting.
Of course I didn't. Shy! Lol..... I could sense that he looked at me and when I looked back he turned away. So it's like that through out the  whole little one cigarette time. Then he got up and walk away... I followed. I really have the urge to talk to him but I don't dare!! Chicken!!! There are two doors we have to go through to go back in into the mall. Passed the first door and heart beats faster. Then at the second door... He pushed it open and wait for me to pass!! That is just so gentleman. Chic and gentleman.. I think my soul fainted behind the door when I walk passed it. Anyway I did smile an thank him and I still couldn't see his face properly. Then I went speechless and suddenly I don't know how and what to do but to continue walking. I noticed that he did slow down his steps to walk beside me. I am so nervous and chicken.... I just turn in and enter the toilet. He still follows!! Then I thought he would follow me all the way in but he didn't. So I thought of speed pee and meet him outside again to do the chatting . Unfortunately... He left!! It was at 4pm ish that time. I head back to the stair case and waited till 10pm. Hoping he will turn up again but he didn't!! Super mellow... Melancholy ...ish!! Don't know why I felt so sorry about it.
Woke up the next day and decided to take the chances of bumping into him again. So I went to pyramid again. Reached around 1pm ish. Strolled around to search for him from store to store . Not all but the ones with black uniforms. In between I did go back to the stairs to smoke. Around 3pm ish..... He came in! With a friend. He didn't acknowledge me. Don't think I am gonna miss the opportunity this time. When he is leaving I waved my hand and told him I wanna talk to him. Looked at his friend and he didn't budge. I mean go away. So by force I have to talk with his friend around.
I started with asking is he the one who opened the door for me yesterday. Cause I really didn't see his face properly. He said yes. Then I smiled and introduced my self. After that I started apologizing to him about being rude yesterday by thinking that he would follow me in the cubicle. Blush!!  He then laugh and say its okay and I don't need to apologize. I then asked where does he work. He answered. Then my mind went blank and I just shoot right out. I asked him for his number. .  ( his reaction was a shocker) he anxiously said yes!! And started blurting his number.... My hands were shaking while entering his number and he has to point it out!!! Blush!!  Then another shocker... He nervously asked me what time I am leaving? So I told him I have nothing to do and I can wait till he finishes work. So he smiled and told me he finishes at 7pm.  I told him i will call him then and I shake his hand and he left.
Went to Spencer to get him a bar of chocolate then I texted him at 6pm ish... Asking if he wants a dinner or just a drink, so that I could scout for a nice place to hang out. Unfortunately there is no reply. Waited till 7pm and I called him. Didn't want to just show up at his shop cause he turns out to be ├╝ber straight looking. Never know maybe he is discreet about it and I didn't wanna spoil that. He answered my call and told me that he couldn't make it cause his brother showed up with movie tickets. Hmm....... So I told him its okay and don't worry about it. I can just go home. At 111pm ish I texted him again. Just to thank him for his number, hoped he enjoyed the movie and hope he'll have a good rest later.  NO REPLIES......until now. 
I don't know why the sudden silence. Hmmmm...... 
Hmmm...... That's why... With all that has happened. I think I have to shave and start to pray more already!!!!! 


  1. Well, be proud that you did your part! At least you took initiative rite?! :)

    1. yeah i did and i am quite proud abut it.. ahhaha... but am also sad that there is no response from him!! :)

  2. You are uber brave. Period.
    4pm till 10pm???!!!

    and we were at pyramid!!! how could you come to Sunway without saying hi to me!!! T.T

    1. Ewh?? Harloo.. you are the one with my number okay?? ahahhaah........ besides are you sure you are there? I don't recall seeing any pretty boys also?

    2. dah lah... I am that ugly type that people wont even lift an eyebrow... they might even shoo me away...

      dont you have my number as well??? O.O

    3. Eh!!! I never had the honor to have your number before okay. If not I would have ask you out. Since both of us also likes to lepak. Ugly just simply means that we have to break the ice instead of waiting for ppl to do so. Besides at the end if you are built by shitty properties you still don't get to be together what.

    4. Anyway I bet you lost my number already. Now you have to text me your number. He he he he

    5. ei, i dont remember under what name I save your number dy... tried P.T. but cant find!!! O.O

      can you drop me an email

      *puppy eyes*

  3. i think the guy was unsure to make the move and take a chance on you. he definitely is the closeted type. too bad being gay is still frowned upon in malaysia

    1. I thought so too. I thought so too. :( but I am glad that Gays have much freedom in Malaysia. It actually could potentially be otherwise. Yeah it's a bummer!!!

  4. BRAVE !

    But from 4pm to 10pm ???

    1. Too bad my arrow didn't stuck on him!! lolzz.....
      Yeah i know it's crazy!! Psychotic even. Usually i won't, unless i am sure of it. This time it felt right. The attraction is just inevitable.

  5. i wanna say the same thing too, 4-10? wow... i was like counting the numbers of cigarettes you could smoke in that period of time.. hahahahaha...

    i have got one experience too in One U.. well, he was sorta the guy of my dreams then, he looked fine, tall, hot, tan...

    I was sitting then, on a couch in front of Zara during lunchbreak when i was doing part time there, he walked out of Zara with bags on both hands and for 2 seconds our eyes locked.. ...i kept staring cos i was sitting, i cant move anywhere.. he tried looking away and then look back and in my brain i was like: omg omg he is looking at me what should i do omgomg...

    there was an exit near zara then, dont know now still got or not la, but he walked towards the exit and i thought maybe he left la to go back or something,.. dont know what happen to my legs i stood up and walk towards the shop that was near the entrance(fcuk/PRL) and try peeping out the entrance from a distance and wow i saw him, having a ciggie.. and poooof he saw me too then shyly i pull my neck back and think to myself, what the fuck was i doing...... and so i went back to my couch and continue resting.. lol..

    what happen next, he walked back in.. our eyes were locked for a moment,, hahhahaha.. cos i kept looking at the walkway leading to the entrance hoping that he would come in...

    my instant action was, guess what? the slutty me walked into the toilet near zara...

    he followed... only to the door, he did not even enter..

    i was like fixing myself, tipu tipu wash hands at the basin but he didnt even come in...

    so sillyly i went back out and he smiled at me and i smiled back and then......... he held his hands up to shake mine and i was like... er... i shook his hands: hi, im jason... heya im tuls..


    then we exchanged numbers and i needed to go back to work after that and so i left with a smile, he definitely brighten the rest of my day(s)...

    but he also drive me nuts.. haha..

    he was the guy i met before bubu, the guy that had a bf, i was nearly/almost the third party.. living in denial, that he will leave his cheating boyfriend for me but no..... haha..

    oh well...

    thats life...

    oh, he turns out to be one of cleo's bachelor :)

    what a catch, what a waste...

    oh well....

    1. Wow... revealing babe!! He don't mind?? anyway i hope my story has a "seterusnya" in it. At least there is a closure lah kan. hmmm....

    2. haha.. i never use real names in the blogging sphere anyway... so dont worry about it! :)

    3. Phuuuuhhhhh..... So smart lah you. Sayyyang!!!!