Monday, March 18, 2013

Switch It On

This guy is just so hot. I just don't know why?? 197 repins at Pinterest!! I think i would declare my self as a rapist if i am standing beside him. He is just that beautiful, and he switches it on when ever i see this picture!!  What is on?? I don't know ..It's everything!! 

Okay... i just came back from my eye's  routine check up. My second doc says..  i could have some laser treatment after my surgery in a few months time. She says it could  improve my vision range!! I never thought, that could happen. Well....... thats some good news. 
So i guess... i just have to go with the flow now and improve everything else. Like the picture above i want to switch people on too!! 


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  2. It must be the combination of good body & tattoos.


  3. Congratz!!! There's hope!!! one day, we shall go check out hot guys together!!! Without glasses!!! haha


    1. ahahah... yeah.. was quite surprised by it. We certainly shall. Heheh....