Monday, December 9, 2013

So Good.

Wentworth Miller is dating Luke Macfarlane and TD is dating Dustin Lance B. ? I always love Luke in  Brothers & Sisters. Felt a bit sad because i can't see him anymore, when Brothers & Sisters are being canceled after S5, Kinda think of it, i think i only love him and Kitty's new bf in the entire B&S series. So i know Wentworth just came out recently. So if the rumors are true? It would be one of those sweetest thing that ever happened, and they should be protected or something. like how you protect the precious endangered species or something. Then there is Tom and Dustin. 20 years apart and they look so compatible. Another couple that should be protected. I teared on this one though. Cause their merge just means that old man like me still have hopes. I hope they'll never separate & I sincerely hope all the best for them.
Then i heard this song "Safe & Sound" by Taylor Swift ft Civil Wars but covered by some guy. I like the male version more actually. Then i found this one covered by a guy and a girl, kinda not bad and the best part was they made this MV with Jack Frost!!  It was awesome cause it's my favorite animation. Nice combination. Kinda like emo watching it.
It's nice that so many sweet stuff are happening around. I know they are like light years away from me and has nothing to do with me. But at least they brightens up my day for me. 
Life is hard. Life is even harder when there are not even a single shred of progress. So at times like that, these little things do helps to keep me afloat. 

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