Sunday, February 9, 2014


 I was accidentally turned on when i saw my own penis line through my underwear in the mirror. Lolzz... That's crazy!!  I never thought that i myself are capable of making me myself turn on!!! Well, my underwear was a bit skimpy though, and it's low waist ... heh... heh....heh....
 Speaking of underwear, I think the last time i bought an underwear was two years ago. The David Beckham from H&M. Or was it last year? I love to buy underwear whenever i see a nice one. Besides it's like a stress relieve therapy when you're in that department. I always go there when my day got too tensed. Somehow the pleasant sensual experience relaxes me.
Now that i don't work anymore, i don't really visit that department anymore. So with the massive quantity of underwear i bought last time. I could wear for a long time. I can change twice a day and then leave it at the laundry.  My underwear could last me for almost two month. I've thrown a few away though, cause i think the ones with  little little holes and the worn off waist are a massive turn off!! Wearing a brief but it's super loose also turns people off. Doesn't it makes you wonder, how long has he had it or when was the last time he wash it? 

I really like the Low waisted briefs. It makes your legs looks longer. bulge would look bigger too. Don't you think so? Your penis also could peek out faster. Lolzz... I always wear briefs cause i gets horny easily. So i need something tight to hold my penis in place. Is everyone like that? I know many guys , Straight especially, they love the loose boxers. It must be a nuisance when down South is pointing up North. 


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    1. Yeah... especially the ones that are not too tight but tight enough to show everything. Heh heh heh.... I fancy white low waist briefs.