Thursday, February 6, 2014


What should i do when a guy smiles excessively at me? Not only that he make sure that i sees him smiling, he wouldn't stop until i acknowledges him. I thought that he is interested at me at first but this is like the millionth time already we see each other. He never wanna talk to me. I asked for his name the other day though, just because he never talks to me. He's a foreigner. You reckon it's language barrier? He's shy? or i think too much? but but but .... he is so sexyyyy. You know that feeling when you see that someone and you transform into a cat all of a sudden?  You know that searing hot feeling from  the core of your throat rolling down in slow motion through your chest and ends up at the core of your urethra?  You feel thirsty. You breathe harder? That momentarily robust slutty in a decent body moment.  OMG... how do i get him to interact with me?? Hmmm....... 

Someone sucked my soft dick the other day. I was excited and my dick couldn't get hard. This guy was so enthusiastic. He yank off my pants and peel off me underwear revealing a teeny weeny willy. I think he has to search for it. I tried to tell him that i am not hard yet but i couldn't speak loudly and he is anxious. So he open everything before it's ready. After that i thought he would stand up for me to start my practice. Instead he pounced on my soft dick and start sucking. Have you ever tried being suck when you are soft? It was an awkward experience but i liked it. You could feel a jerk (the whole body) when he suck hard at your soft dick. Owh... it's like the jerk you feel when you cum and you continue to rub your dick head, or the jerk you feel when every shot of your cum launches. It was awesome!! 

Something more interesting. I get to know this three brothers. A is married. I like C. B is just nice. C is totally my type. Skinny like Avatar. Sexy. A always tells me that he likes to chat with me. Like me a s a friend and loves my company. He acts like he wants to date me but don't act when opportunities comes. So i take it that he really likes my company.  I always tells C that i know he is straight but i like him. I also tells him that i hope i can blow him at least once. C never rejects. C even agrees. C also never create opportunities. B!! the least favorite.  B always wants me to suck him instead. Grrrr..... I don't like him!!! B always calls me. B always create opportunities even when there is none. I almost got raped the other day by him if there is no one around.  He forced in the bathroom and force me to masturbate him. He was drunk. I am still glad because i tried pushing him away with all my might, and i couldn't move him one bit!! Imagine if he wants to force fuck me instead.?? Lucky he only ask me to masturbate him. 
The world always have to run this way. You always don't get exactly what you want. Worst!! you get the one right next to it!!. 


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah... im glad that straight guys now these are more acceptive. At least now these they don't have the perception" that we are gonna rape them" all the time. They are cool.

  2. A,B & C. Wouldn't like B at all. To pushy and a little selfish.No?

    1. Hey up so late AL? Pushy and selfish. Me? Nah not really, cause B is straight. He is just using me. He doesn't even touch me when I suck him. It was a win win situation at first but it's getting too frequent.