Monday, February 17, 2014


 I'm in agony.HOW? HOW? HOW? I can't stay still. I'm Flapping here and there. I know this guy via Grindr and now i don't dare to chat with him again. You know this feeling where you are too afraid to loose. I mean as in the fear of him doesn't want to chat with you anymore.  In my opinion he is beautiful. He is so  exquisite that if i stare anymore harder, I'm afraid that he would crack. It's just a bloody picture!! to begin with!! Most probably it's his best shot or something. 
It's driving me crazy.... It's like you had this scandalous forbidden hot sex for one night and you bump into that guy on a bus a few days later. You know you can't have it again., but your throat starts to feel dry. Your penis start to swell. Your senses awakens, you can feel your pre cum flowing out, from the snapshots of his tongue running across your neck. The thought of his fiery breath at your ear makes your nipples swell and actually pinches when it's rubbing against your shirt.  Everytime you see his adam apple moves down, it launches another shot of pre cum. You start to blush and felt almost embarrassed because you can feel your underwear getting wet from the warmth of your pre cum seeping under your balls and across your groin. The fact that he is standing two feet away makes you weak. That enormous incredible dense feeling of wanting him weighs your knees down with a string attached to your heart. teasing it a little with every step taken. 

OMG, i am feeling that!!! All the time when i see his picture. That's a bloody strong force. Is he a witch or something?? Grrr.... I feel like i'm a worm being thrown on a hot plate.!! or i have a constant slow vibrating dildo strap to my heart!! How??
Frankly speaking, eventually i will chat with him again no matter what. But I'm so afraid that he wouldn't wanna chat much with me.  You know how ppl could just shut you off. Completely!!  I wish he wont do that. Im a nice person. ..........Aiks!!
 Well, like what Ichigo would do. You fight till the end. 


  1. So he must be a shinigami then.. Lol.. How r u doing lately? Haven't talk to u in ages!

    1. Hahah... many of them has great body. That botak guy is damm sexy. heheh.... I am okay , just plain and boring. Whereabout are you now?

    2. Just got back from NYC for CNY.. So far.. just plain boring and getting over the jet lag.. Hope to catch u this time round?

    3. Aiyohh!!!...... i've gotten so fat already. Hmmm.... When are you going back this time round? When would you be here?