Friday, October 16, 2009


I saw him again. Let's call him Eric.The guy i ga ga over from the train (LRT). It's just ironic. I've been wanting to show him to my friends but when ever my friends are around he won't show up. After some time that i didn't see Eric, Today i get to see him. I've been trying to smile to him so that i could establish so sort of conversation but he just won't look me in the eye.!!!.... I know Eric know my existance. You know that feeling where you know that he's trying to check you out but not wanting you to know he is looking? That wierd sweet chemistry?? That wierd but sweet feeling. Eric always stands behind me when ever we're queing up for the train. I never get to know untill we enter the train and turn around and WALLA...... damm....he's behind me. but when i realised that his back would be facing me already cause the entrance is at the other side. IT"S ALWAYS LIKE THAT.!!!  Damm... i really need all the guts and luck to start talking to him. This feels like a fly flying around and buzzing too long around me.  Thank god today when i dare myself to look at him and he did look me in the eye like a fraction of a second. I'll take that as a great progress...

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