Friday, October 30, 2009


After two days of chickening out. I finally dare myself to approach Eric. Out of no where i thought of buying instant noodle for him. Those japanese ones in a cup where you just pour hot water to cook it. In the end during my ride home i talk to him. Everything was like in a daze. It happened very fast and i don't even know did i speak clearly. It's like a sudden giant vacuum sucked the time and all you could feel is like youre in a wave. I passed him the noodles and my number hoping he'll call or text me. I would prefer text cause i wouldn't know what to talk about. It went well and he actually text me saying his thanks and appreciation for the noodles. I thought giving him noodles would be a joke to everyone, but amazingly he seem to appreciate the noodles a lot. well thank god it turn out good.

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