Monday, October 5, 2009


Ambitious is good. What do you think of  "Crap Frame" hahha...... Well i thought of naming my new frame that. hope it's something that i could actually have some actuall success. But it takes me hours to just finish one. Does it really worth it? Hmmm..... Well.... if you had a guy asking you what is your type? and then later asking "are you talking about me? What does he actually meant by that??? Well, this guy is a great guy. He is almost everything i wanted. but everyone needs to know each other to love each other. I'm trying to get to know him. Having signs of him texting me not "just" replying me. but there seem to have something that wierd bout him. He seems to stop a conversation ("texting" i mean) just like that. is that normal? i'm begining to think he fainted or something. I also caught him lying. Once. not that it really matters but should this to be taken into account?? Well, hope what ever i'm doing will flourish... really pray hard!!! He wears braces. Thats sexy!!! He He....

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