Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To You My Manager.

I am someone that is afraid to die. I never wanted to disrespect you. In fact it's because i have great respect for you, thats why i'm chickening out. Not in a million years i dare to disrespect someone who i respect. That's why when i disappoint you i fall. I fall flat and i can't held my head high in front of you ever again. I know of your hopes and plans you had for me. You lay the great path with eager to see me succeed. My gratitude for that. really. Sometimes people can be right bare them self, be as open as possible but i guess at the end there are some parts that they still want to close. I'm afraid of you. I can't bare it that i have disappoint you. I think there are parts too that i can't take of you and you too have things that you can't take of me. My gratitude. Gratitude.

1 comment:

  1. You seem sad in your post. Disappointing someone in life hurts. It makes us feel as though we're a failure. But please remember this, NO ONE in life is perfect. We all win sometimes and we all fail sometimes. Even your manager.

    Stand up. Walk tall. Brush the dust off, and continue on with your life.