Sunday, February 28, 2010


Everything is so random. One minute there are so many cute guys and one minute there is none. One minute somebody's husband wink at me and one minute there is nothing at all. Somehow i felt alright and well happy. Sad in a way too cause of some random problems but there are so many other things to look at. Just standing outside the mall while smoking, i can see so many stuff. i can see the security having a hard-on and kept on adjusting it. I can see these middle eastern tourist kept on scratching their bulge and i can see their head traced out at their pants while walking (it's just obvious they don't wear underwear)  I can see an Italian guy in white shorts and his bulge is huge. I can see these office guys walking with an obvious package traced out. Just love the new trend of skinny-ish straight cut pants!!! Talking about these today i actually were quite in shock. My smoking buddy came a bit late today. While i was enjoying all the wonderful scenery of rocky mountains.. I guess i had a hard-on too. So with me in my uniform, so it kinda shows but i was not really aware of it. When my smoking buddy arrive, he stand kinda "too" near to me. His hip is actually brushing my bulge. Somehow my dick actually faces down, and with my low waist underwear today actually kinda force my head to the side and my friends hip is kinda brushing my head. It was damm hot and mind bursting. Thank god i knew him well enough to joke about it. I have to tell him i'm gonna cum if he doesn't stop. Then we laugh it off. I notice he too had a hard-on. so i just casually grab his bulge and when i felt where his head is, is scratch it with my fingernail. It's just so weird that we didn't pursue further. It's just a friend thing. LOL...

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