Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Had A Dream

I had a dream. I was talking to this guy. We were lying down in my room. It started with me starring at his face. We were chatting happily and i only can see his face, Suddenly i realized that i an admiring at his skin. His smooth face and his beautiful neck was mesmerizing me. It looks silky and it's like glowing, It's like those fairies in LOTR. after a while i notice that i am looking at his penis. His super soft skin , matt but smooth with a hint of some green veins, lying down elegantly on his soft pubic hair. Then his body and his legs. The dream was very sensual. It,s like i am looking at a priceless living thing. Then in a flesh i realize that i am smelling his face. This guy in my dream is not gay. He is straight, but somehow was actually being protected by me. He seems to be taking comfort from me. The whole dreamy dream was so sensual and picturesque.  I woke up eventually. Then i realized that the guy in my dream was one of my staff i work with 5 years ago. How Ironic. He is straight and he is bloody handsome. As beautiful as Legolas.

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