Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sorry i haven't been blogging lately. My eyes got worst again and i finally and so happened at the same time my sister hurt her back and could walk for some time. thank god it didn't got worst. It will recover and she could be walking again in no time. Well. i feel like laughing when it all happens. I woke up and i can't see well. So i stop working immediately. Then the next day i got the news of my sister. Out of my worries and sadness i felt likee laughing. Well what are the odds or shall i say why are the odds are not odds? (hmmmm.... what am i talking about?) Now i have to rest well, sleep well and eat well so that my eyes heal well. So i haven't been following the beautiful all male game of world cup.:( Suddenly i got the urge to hug and actually smell the neck of a guy. I need some comfort. Aiks!!!

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