Sunday, February 28, 2010


Everything is so random. One minute there are so many cute guys and one minute there is none. One minute somebody's husband wink at me and one minute there is nothing at all. Somehow i felt alright and well happy. Sad in a way too cause of some random problems but there are so many other things to look at. Just standing outside the mall while smoking, i can see so many stuff. i can see the security having a hard-on and kept on adjusting it. I can see these middle eastern tourist kept on scratching their bulge and i can see their head traced out at their pants while walking (it's just obvious they don't wear underwear)  I can see an Italian guy in white shorts and his bulge is huge. I can see these office guys walking with an obvious package traced out. Just love the new trend of skinny-ish straight cut pants!!! Talking about these today i actually were quite in shock. My smoking buddy came a bit late today. While i was enjoying all the wonderful scenery of rocky mountains.. I guess i had a hard-on too. So with me in my uniform, so it kinda shows but i was not really aware of it. When my smoking buddy arrive, he stand kinda "too" near to me. His hip is actually brushing my bulge. Somehow my dick actually faces down, and with my low waist underwear today actually kinda force my head to the side and my friends hip is kinda brushing my head. It was damm hot and mind bursting. Thank god i knew him well enough to joke about it. I have to tell him i'm gonna cum if he doesn't stop. Then we laugh it off. I notice he too had a hard-on. so i just casually grab his bulge and when i felt where his head is, is scratch it with my fingernail. It's just so weird that we didn't pursue further. It's just a friend thing. LOL...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I can't stop pumping. I pump before i sleep. I go to work and all those guys i passed by makes me wanna pump more. I pump in the toilet. I pump in the middle of work. Oh god i'm going maniac. Everything i see is so sexual now. Every guy i see has to be sexy. Big bulges and some even without underwear with a bouncy bulge. Oh man.... I think i'm going nuts.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year

Every year when it's during this festive season everyone will head home to their hometown. It's like Christmas for Chinese. These are the times where everyone will buy gifts only for their parents and siblings. These are the times one would go back to their home town and actually there is this mentality where everyone will show off their wealth and success. Ultimately everyone wants their parents to be proud of them. every time during this time of the year i am not very proud of myself. I somehow strive to do my best and get anything that actually would make my parents proud of me. This year i felt the poorest and i kinda surrender.  My medical bills and my job just makes it worst.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A good start

I Guess! Just got the confirmation to transfer to anther brand. Hahaha....... I am darn happy about it but tomorrow i'll see my manager to talk about it. There is actually 2 dates that is given to choose. so i have to speak to my manager when she could let me go. Scary!! yeah about the other day everything went fine. The launching went well and my manager didn't actually pick any fight with me. I mean faults. It it also gonna be the Chinese New Year next two days. It will be great actually. A new job, a new beginning, a new life and great new year. All the best to everyone as well. Cheers.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was totally a shit today. I feel so awful cause my manager is actually picking faults with me. It has come to this. I always knew she was a revengeful person. She won't let go till she's okay with it. Can't imagine what's going to happen tomorrow. Thanks Andy. Your words kinda make me fell it's okay tomorrow. Thanks!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To You My Manager.

I am someone that is afraid to die. I never wanted to disrespect you. In fact it's because i have great respect for you, thats why i'm chickening out. Not in a million years i dare to disrespect someone who i respect. That's why when i disappoint you i fall. I fall flat and i can't held my head high in front of you ever again. I know of your hopes and plans you had for me. You lay the great path with eager to see me succeed. My gratitude for that. really. Sometimes people can be right bare them self, be as open as possible but i guess at the end there are some parts that they still want to close. I'm afraid of you. I can't bare it that i have disappoint you. I think there are parts too that i can't take of you and you too have things that you can't take of me. My gratitude. Gratitude.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Call

I called my boutique just now. We are about to have our SS'2010 press preview and the SS'2010 are not arrive yet. Well not all but more than half of it . This is not good. Something weird happen just now. I can sensed a silence on the phone just now. A silence that makes me think what would happen tomorrow. I know my manager is worried but with our condition (i mean between me and her) It's like something fishy is coming up. this always happens to the one she doesn't like. If it's before she would called and clear things off but now she would only wait till tomorrow and blast it on my face. Like an angry canon waiting to blow. This is always in my mind whenever i wake up in the morning before going to work. Isn't this sucks?


Hi Guys,
Sorry i didn't post for some time. my laptop went nuts and been trying to get a connections. Despite all that, my manager is giving me a hard time. Somehow i don't feel all shitty and i actually felt happy. I guess i was excited about my new job. That is gonna happen soon. I WISH IT"S ASAP. I think my work relationship with my manager is doomed!!! We never could be working together anymore, but somehow i think we could be friends. How ironic everything is now these. I really felt sorry that things have to turn out this way. Well in the midst of all the happiness, i do worry about what would happen the next time i see my manager. Fingers crossed!! Anyway just got my hair cut and a new glasses. I kinda love myself now. Aiks!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Delightful! Went and get my results. My blood result this morning. I'm HIV free.....!!!!! Hhaahahhaha........ I'm just weak! I actually got the immune system of a person who is going under Chimo.(is that how you spell it?) I just got to eat everything that is well doned. Not even salad. If i want i would have to wash the leaves myself. Well this is well great news. Bad news is that my left eye is permanently damage and i just could be hopeful. Still it's good news overall. My immune system? i just have to run when someone sneeze. Better than deadly disease. Cheers...Cheers everyone.