Thursday, March 3, 2011


What happen to "Gay Andy"? It's sad to see such great blog to be removed. It's also weird that all of a sudden the blog that i usually follow are no more available. Hmm.... i wonder how can i search it back again. Still, days must go on. Watched Narnia today. Why does the Prince Caspian always checks out Edmund? It's somewhat kinda sweet whenever you see The prince always look out for Edmund. I always teared up whenever i see a man cares for another man. This reminds me of one of my friend. He always says he likes me and i guess i felt the same but we never come around to be together. Till today, we always look for each other for comfort. I too has considered a few times buy he is one person who could  make me flattered ar first and felt less fond by the end of the meetings. yeah we do have sex and all. Still he doesn't brings us closer. He never males me cum. Aiks!!! Anyways i am very grateful to him as since i'm in this condition, he is the only one who comes to visit me. Mmm.... i can't wait till i could re-shape my body. I need to exercise. 

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