Thursday, January 5, 2012


I start chatting with a guy before Christmas here online. Then i saw his picture and he is not my type, so being polite i continue chatting and he then requested to meet up. Well, i am not very keen in doing so. Well i have always been like that since i am not confident in my self. but in this case it's also because he is not my type and yeah it's okay to meet up as friends. One thing that definitely stop me from meeting up is that he suddenly became quite sticky. Over the phone and text messages. Well, i have given tons of reason in a polite way that i cannot go out. I don't want to hurt his feelings as i am actually rejecting him. Well then it became a big issue. Hmmmm.....why these people can't understand the message that i am sending through. How can i be polite when you are pushing my limits? And then at the end got embarrassed if i tell you the real reasons. If he is not that sticky...i might just still meet him for coffee. 


  1. sometimes we just have to be totally honest, to save the trouble and time for everyone.. although it's not that polite.. :)
    gd luck :)

  2. Gay people tend to be more sensitive when it comes to things like this ?

  3. Yeah...welll if i am pushed to the limit then i would have no choice isn't it? :) luckily these days he don't text that much anymore.