Monday, January 2, 2012

Reporting for 1st 01 2012

It turns out that everyone i know in KLCC is not working on new years eve. Hmm... what a coincidence. My new years eve dinner became a house warming party and then a surprise visit to Market Place. Everything is not planned at all. I am not complaining but just it's a bit surprising. Thank god i am well prepared for it. LOL..... It was a blast....well...a pleasant blast at the club. I was introduced to some guys at the club and i kinda fell in love for 10 minutes. Because he is wearing braces and he has a great smile. I think guys with braces are damm damm sexy. Most of my time there are quite nice because of his jokes and all. Market place should really look into their air conditioning making everyone sweat is not very flattering. and also their DJ is not very entertaining. Quite disappointing there. Then everyone starts to leave and there is this last stare between the braces guy and me, and then goodbye. I did not take his number!!! Till now i am still finding reasons, to make the fact that i did not take his number, is okay. Hahhah... well, may the cupid be on my side. ..... 

Tell me what do you think if your best friend is flirting in a slutty way with his best friend's BF? 


  1. A big slap on that best friend's face !

    Anyway, got to agree with you that the air conditioning there sucks big time.


  2. Hmmm... i think i did wrong for not doing anything. :(