Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's really near and i am Lazy!!!!

I really felt so super Lazy to start cleaning. It's already super near practically tomorrow i know, and yet i am feeling so lazy. I haven't even did my Chinese new year deco yet. Remembered the rain kept pouring recently? it killed most of my plants. Everyday when i go out and i saw my plants are like mad ladies after fight or they just came back from a free flow booze rave party. The strong wind and the strong rain and the sudden strong heat when it's not raining...Killed most of my plants. So i have to re plant. My Christmas deco is still up. My biological time has turned upside down. I can't sleep well all the time.Oh what's sis is getting engaged on the 22nd. So the groom will pick her up from here and head to his house for the kenduri. It's the nikah ceremony actually. I am not feeling the pressure actually. Worst comes to worst i can stage everything . It's just the part where i have to physically lift up my legs and moved my muscle to move my body, borders me the most!!!