Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's So Blank

Arrgh..having a headache now am sad too. So many stuff. Just came back from passing a pear to 7E guy anyway. (Part of the reason) It was nothing really. Really it was "nothing" I don't feel even a wee bit of light. I think i am feeling the need to weep but i am weaving my note book's skin. Really? doing something interesting actually are stopping me from crying. Even my lips already gets into the crooked motion waiting for the que to start weeping, but it's just not happening because i am doing something fascinating. 
Anyway i hope i am patting him to sleep now. Ishhh...this is such a dry moment. 


  1. Don't be too sad. I'm sure there are plenty of good reasons to stay happy. (; *hugs*

  2. You weave??? omg!!! gosh~ guys like you are like so rare >.<

    And that giving pear? its really sweet =)


    1. Hahahaha......Weaving is just an attempt. Not successful yet anyway. Feeling your Hug.

  3. so how did the weaving went? can we see? hehe =D

  4. RAWRR!!~~~ HUGGIESS!~~~~~ >:D