Thursday, January 24, 2013

Filip Jankovic

I don't know his name. I have no clue at all.
 I enquire about this guy some time back when i first saw him on bed. I went all crazy when i saw his pics by Rick Day. Got me producing pheromones for weeks!!  Don't even mention about how many times i virtually fantasized about him while traumatizing my bro.  The proportionately lean muscles. The veins at his groin. His slim longggg legs and the muscle lines along his thigh. It's like you're looking at the lines of a Bentley. It's just perfection. Love a man who is reeked of male hormones but act proportionately sensual like a woman. 

This is like a blessing.... I found more pictures.

 And the veins on his penis... it's like an elite fierce Black Mamba in a fight!!  Owh!! just rest the tip of my nose on the tip of his penis and turn both of us into stone!! 


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah Yeah!! Yeah!! ... you just can't help it but start swearing right?? Lolzz... hhrrrmmmmmmm.........

  2. OKAY I have his CD and I'm from same country as him and I saw him once.. Anyway, I would give you his CD because it seems you like him much more than me ^^ you can contact me on my blog :)

  3. awesome fantastic gorgeous