Monday, August 5, 2013

That Dignity story

Lost my dignity for a moment there the day before. Just happened once. Happened in a split second. But the damage is enough for Armageddon. I practically saw the atomic explosion image when it happen. lolzz...... 

 **Out of the blue two ex-ONS texted me. For the last two days i am dwelling in their flirtation. Too bad, I am available but no place. My desire went off the scale. They made me want it so so badly. Then i met a HOT straight guy. Not only HOT but it's like my fantasy came to life. Bloody gentlemen as well. (That's a killer) He then tells me that he doesn't mind being suck. Then he says he wants to try it after he finishes his cigarette. So i got all excited and at that moment i almost felt like an Angel are holding my hands. Out of a sudden, he says... err maybe not tonight.. maybe tomorrow??  So disappointed and before my face could even turn to another expression, in my mind i thought  "Nooo... Please!!" then my mouth blurted "Please??" I froze instantly with ice cold air gushing through. THAT is really THINKING out loud!!! I was so so so embarrassed. Then i started laughing and told him that i can't believe "that" just came out of my mouth. It was really just a thought and i wasn't  planning of saying it out. He says it's okay and laugh at how silly i was. Thank god he didn't go all awkward on me after that. Continued on chatting and left at 4 am.