Friday, August 2, 2013

Where Is The Brain????

It just kills me when one is being selfish and they have not a clue that they are doing so. I just felt like taking off my underwear after gym, wet it and slap them with my underwear.
Husband gave the wife cold shoulder plus an ultimatum. Reason? Because the wife doesn't do house chores (apparently what she does is not enough) and not "being" a proper wife. "BUT" for the last two months... Husband and son has been surviving on wife's salary, cause husband's business is not doing well. Why does these rule bending mockery to the Book Of Male Chauvinism "benefit" could be shared and lavishly taken but the chauvinism rule must still stand firm??? 


  1. Didn't know that you gym.


    1. Blek!! No I don't but i have an idea of how refreshing the underwear would be. Lolzzzz........