Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why Be Mean? 3

So the married guy apologizes. So everything is okay I guess. He requested to be friends. well, that's like a no brainer or the usual safe way out. Hmm... Lets see how it goes. 
Anyway, I don't understand how when one person has a fucked up face. They still posses the attractive vibe going on surrounding them. The way they move. Those smile lines. Their voice that resembles the fairy tales prince's voice.  The way they hunch. The way their finger moves. Their quirky walk.  Aaarrrrggghhh!!!! Why still so attractive???? So damm lucky. 


  1. The unattainable men... They like to be desired, but you can never reach them. you could be always there, because the pleasure of the game is getting bigger their ego; and in the case they fall into desire with you, they will be running away, trying to recover the place they had. Sometimes they realized that giving a little, it´s the best investment. Once you have tasted, (althoug it´s a misery); you want more. Pobably it won´t happen again. Just saying.


    1. Yeah... you are right, it will never happen again, though he suggested otherwise. Investment is absolutely the right word!!
      Heyy...Thanks Miguel.