Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why Be Mean?

Yeah, people comes and goes. Sad cause the friendship meant something. I was happy that just when my friend is leaving, I met a new friend. He is also the "ever" so opened straight guy that I have bj- ed. After that I realized that we never spoke of it anymore but he is ever still so friendly. So I just go along. The day before he told me that he appreciated my companion. He hoped that one day we could officially hang out together to have a drinking session. He meant a complete drink-a-thon. Then out of no where he enters the sex subject. He says he do wish that he has a girl sex partner. Well I told him too about my hunt for a male sex partner. Both of us have the same view on the subject. On monogamy, safety and all. Both of us also do understands that we wants the same stuff and also understands of our orientation.
 Then I told him that, if he ever needs I it badly. I am totally okay to provide him the solutions. He laughs and says he is aware of it. Lolzzzz...... Then again he says that even though its a solution but he won't be fully satisfied cause ultimately he is into girls but he is also okay with that idea. *wink *wink Yeah... I told him I totally feel him, cause ultimately I am into guys that are gay. So though we get "some" but it's just not going to be complete. Then we both laugh it off and continue chatting till morn. So yesterday night I went looking for him on my way home from my night drinking session at the Mamak. When I went in his shop, I found out that he is off. Yeah... It makes sense cause he is a Muslim. The thing is, I was curious the day before, and asked him. He says that he is off on Friday. I even mentioned that I am sorry for him cause he couldn't off on Raya day.
Well, it bit me cause I thought that we were on sincere grounds. Or maybe it was just me. Maybe it's because I wanted a sincere friend so much, and I was overwhelmed that I have  found one. That's why I am feeling the disappointment so much that i am being sensative here?


  1. I feel you. No one would ever like that kinda thing when it happen. Hugs..

    1. Thanks.. :) Yeah it feels kinda shitty. hehehehe..