Thursday, April 10, 2014


There is a power surge the other day. Fried all of my Apples's cables. So I can't on my laptop. I can't charge my iPad. That's why I have not been posting anything. Besides, work kinda take up most of my time. After a while there, I don't feel as lousy as before already. Cause manage to learn some stuff.  I'm surprised that I can endure the embarrassment. If last time, my ego would take over me and I won't bow to anyone.

Maybe it's in different field. Maybe this time I know I went in as a blank canvas. Maybe because I know that everyone knows about my flaw and everyone knows I have zero knowledge in this field. This makes me realize that how much freedom I could get from being honest. I remember last time, when ego takes over me. I pretend to say I know how to do stuff even though I have no idea what to do. So after that I felt stress all week trying to figure out how to do it and end up looking stupid and ugly. Well actually, being honest always gives people nothing but intense freedom. 
I think I may have liked my brother inlaw's bussiness partner. Dangerous area there. I hope this is just a feel good feeling and I hope I won't go plunging down falling in love with him. I think he is a straight guy who doesn't know he himself is gay. Just my speculation. He is way too proper to be straight. Anyway, I might be wrong. 


  1. Glad to hear your work is doing great but ouch for the Apple cables!

    1. Yeah, now have to blog with iPad and it's not convenient at all. Well, better than cant blog at all.