Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So how is everybody recently? Hope you guys are in great health. I dunno what to say. Drink more water or take more vitamins and sweat loads. Almost everyone around me take turns to get sick. Even my new muse at work is sick today. (so cute) Hmmm.... The worries never ends!!! I think I'm under some stress that I don't know about.  Why I think so? Cause I can't get a hard on!!!  WelL actually I do get erections, but only when I watch porn. That is quite pathetic. Even when I am actually sucking someone, I don't get hard. Does this means that I need more intense arousal and I don't get high with the basic touch? OMG!!! Already I don't get sex. Now I need to upgrade it? At this moment I'll be content even if there is one. 

OWH!!! Someone asked me if he could give me a kiss or not, in the toilet. He is one of the guys who hunts in the toilet. I know cause I saw him lingers in the toilet a few times. I did acknowledge him a few times before, but he is not my type. So we never done the hanky panky before. Then one day while I was washing my hands, he asked me if he could give me a kiss? Not that I don't allow it but the question caught  me off guard. I blurted "no" instantly. Lolzzzz....... After that he tried to talk me into a blowjob but I can't see his penis. What?? Anyway, While chatting, he told me that he is getting married to a lady next year and he is very proud about it.  Again! WHAT!!! 

I really don't understand! When he talks, his fingers has it's mind of its own. Individually.  They were everywhere. I wonder who is the victim and who is sacrificing here? These guys always does this to protect them self.  Worst!!! They are super proud of it. I think it's super obnoxious. I hope it's a mutual decision in this case and not what I am disgraced of!! 

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