Thursday, April 24, 2014


Just because I think that he is special, now I'm in deep shit. I think his attractiveness is alive. It grows!!! It grows everyday. Like a parasite it creeps into my mind. Now every morning I can't wait to  be in the office. I felt bad to leave the office before him, but it's impossible. Cause I finish at six and he leaves at eight to avoid the traffic. Unless I follow his ride. There are a few times but now I tried to avoid that. I try to suppress the rapid growth of my feelings for him.

Like my friend says " This is a torture". Knowing that he is in the same office. Knowing that he is just a wall apart.  Knowing that he is in the same time space. I couldn't help it but smile foolishly thinking of him.  I even rehearse what to say to him. Just to be prepared if I turn around and I see him. I felt like I'm so pink and happy with rainbows and cotton candies floating everywhere. I also felt wet all the time!! Front and back. Aiks.!!! This continues semi hard on makes me breathe intensely, when my penis kept on rubbing against my underwear. The constant flow of my pre cum makes me feel like I am having period or something, hence fueling up my desire. 

I have this feeling that he likes to be around me. He always likes to walk beside me. We can chat non stop.  He sat next to me during lunch and he always makes sure that I'm attended. Everything seems like chemistry perfect. I know I am feeling all sweet and stuff.  Even his sweat taste sweet now.  But this can't go on.  He is my boss. He is my brother inlaw's business partner. It's too dangerous and sensitive  to stir the water. I do pray that miracle would happen. ( prayed very very hard) But if  it's not gonna happen? I also pray that now is just nice. I am content with now. Close enough to make coffee for him without feeling awkward and Comfortable enough to tell him that I'm gay. 
Anyway this guy is awesome. Gay husband BEN HOBSON.  Somehow I love how his mouth moves when he talks, and his teeth!!!  It's just damm sexy when guys teeth shows like that when they talk and smile. 

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