Friday, April 3, 2015


Just an update on my book. I cannot finish it on time. Lucky!! Turns out that  i still have time. I manage to magically extend his stay at the office. So that means i have some more time to design the book properly. Well at least get the construction process right. I have been working on it till 3.30 am in the morning since Monday. Yesterday i was quite annoyed that i cannot finish it. Then my mind went empty. I was so agitated that i don't know what to do but fly.  Crying at these time wont help, but that's what i really felt like doing.  

The Cover of the book. With the initial "A"
I think it was Tuesday night. We finish early bout 9 pm ish. When we were about to reach my house. He got into this conversation that lasted for two hours. It was about his darkest (in his term) secret ever. The story consist of a girl + a boy who loved each other but could never ever be together. Boy spoke of how much this girl love him dearly and the sacrifices that this girl would take to be with him. Boy looks sad but not sad enough till he needed a hug.(bummer) So ME this other boy listens and at the same time thinking how lucky and how unfortunate this girl is and how pain am i listening to his love story. I'm glad that he opened up to me though. 
The next day while we were on the way to work, we still kinda continue the conversation Ep2, He showed me pictures and stuff.  I'm glad that he opened up to me despite of his fear towards me. It's quite obvious that he is keeping his distance and he don't even dare to touch or tap me. Well that is not important. What matters the most now is that he acts kinda cold towards me now. Why give me the mild cold shoulder after trusting me? Is he feeling embarrassed that he told me his secret? Is he regretting it? What should i do? Should i revisit the matter after a few days? Cause the problem is happening live. As in it's happening now . This week.  

Don't worry A. I will be by your side. I wont leave you handling this alone. Please ask for my help. 

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