Saturday, April 18, 2015


I'm considering to take the "Fat Buster" jab. 500 bucks for 15 jab or something. I think i would be more motivated to maintain a slim figure instead of working for one. Such a dilemma. 
One session of it is never gonna be enough. So have to do a few sessions. Will i go through a few sessions of 15 jabs???  I would. I definitely would if its worth doing. 
Not being worth financially, but is there anyone to appreciate me looking all nice?

You gave me a chauvinist loyal heart. You gave me a great ability to care. You made me big enough to provide  warmth hugs to cold fragile souls. I'm obviously a gay and you made me falls in love to straight guys. Are you confused?? 

I'm almost sure that he didn't unwrapped the book i gave him. This time he is leaving for real. Maybe this is a good thing. Not seeing him would actually make me miss him lesser. In fact that's what i have been feeling everyday. I miss him lesser now these. I dont crave for him as much when i'm at work..  Yippy yay!!!.... BUTttTT Bizarrely every night i dream of him. Ten million flashes of him. Making me masturbate multiple times while sleeping. Drink liters of water and waking up to caressing my sore head against my pillow. 

In all honesty, i ambitiously will myself to protect this guy with all my might, for good or for bad. Unfortunately this is a joke to "all mighty". 


  1. u know, if he was gay, n he doesn't love you, lain cerita la, but this one, he's straight, so yeah, don't be sad la, bukannye dia benci u ke ape, it's just that he is not sexually attracted to you, it's not his fault, it's not your fault, it's nobody's strong, remember you have a long long way to go in life, and there are like millions of gay guys out there, so have faith, have hope, believe in love *hugs*

    1. Yeah Z. That is very true. I'm always in these mess. Yeah I will somehow bounce back in time. For now the pain is aching at its peak.