Thursday, April 9, 2015


I gave him the Book. I casually wrapped it with some wrappers. I don't want it to be too dressy. When i gave it to him, he did guessed that it was a book that i made. After two days he still hasn't open it. How i know? Cause he couldn't answer me when i ask about the details. I hope that i am not over thinking it. What really bothers me is that. When a mere stranger gives you something. You would at least open it and as a courtesy you would at least glance through that thing. What am i? when he doesn't even open it. 
Maybe this is good. Maybe by being cold he is doing me a favor. If he gives me any reactions, it would indirectly gives me hope and i will do more stuff. 
This time he really found a new job. He would be leaving soon. I don't know how should i feel now. I have so many mix feelings that i don't know what should i feel. I felt like expressing all these somewhere. And the only person that i felt like talking this to, the only person that is mature and open enough for me to talk to, is my boss... and he is his brother!!!
Anyway.. i hope when he finally sees it, he would really like it. I don't wish that he would despise it because it was given by a gay guy who loves him. This book is built and constructed for him. This book existed because of his existence. It was meant for him. I hope he likes it. 


  1. *hugs* be strong, and have faith in love, I'm sure you will definitely find your soul mate one day :)

    1. Thank you Z. .:) Hugs Hugs Huggggs.......