Saturday, April 25, 2015


Yes today is his last day working. I can't say that im not sad. Just not as sad as i anticipated. I thought i will cry. I didn't!!.  "I guess the idea that he is straight and he will never be mine" sunk in.  Anyway i wished him the best and thank him for sending me to work everyday and also sending me home from work everyday. And also thank him for all his patience that he had for me while mentoring me. 

Watch this short film everyday. (Below) Maybe this film too prepared me in some ways. You guys watch just the first film in this Youtube. Ignore the rest. It's damm nice. Hahahah.... Well... i have sworn to myself that anyone that i have loved before actually have my care for the rest of their life. hahahaha yeah... so that means in future if they need any help or anything in anyways that i can provide? I will do it. It also means that they have my care and priority for life.

So what am i going to do now? Well i have been childish. Quite childish. I guess now i have to step up and own my part of work load in the company. I have to make this work. I have to support my boss in so many ways. He must feel safe with me around. 

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