Tuesday, May 19, 2015


How come  i see myself as moderate sometimes? How come sometimes i think I am beautiful? How come sometimes i feel down right ugly. I don't hurt people. I am those kind that i would help you if i can. I will clean the office if you are not free. I will go down to buy you drink if you are not free. Somehow my generosity comes across as "PLEASE BULLY ME" Maybe they think that being funny is a tool to tell people they are comfortable with us. It's annoying me. Sometimes i avoid talking more just to avoid from being harassed. 
My boss kinda is the nicest guy in my office. We always talk like friends, He always starts and end the sentence with my name.  I find that very intriguing. Lolzz... cause it just simply felt that you are being respected.  I am just trying to say that we talk like buddies. Last friday he told me some of his problems and some personal stuff. I just be there and listens. Now i don't know how to react. The last time he was sending me home. So the conversation stopped when i reach home. If it's me, i would like my friend to ask me more when they see me again. But this guys is independent and strong in nature. I am afraid that if i ask? He would find me a nuisance. Bothering him maybe? hmm.... Whatever it is. This guy will always have my greatest respect. He is just top notch. 
About the guy that i allegedly love? I don't dare to contact him. I felt like texting him, but again i scare that he would avoid me. Somehow i have this decision of sending him a bouquet of  sleek champagne roses on his birthday. Which is in October. Not gonna write my name but just gonna sign off as "From A Friend To A Wolf" I wonder if he could guessed it or not. If he does get to guess, and if he ever ask me why flowers? I couldn't think of any other answer but to answer 

"Because everything beautiful must be treated elegantly" 

Of all answer? That's what i could think of. Hahahahaahah... Frankly speaking. I don't know why i somehow think that he seriously would like receiving flowers.  You think straight guys would freak out?? 

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