Saturday, May 2, 2015


I know it's dreadful that i kept on mentioning this guy. Even now.. i still wanna talk about him. lolzz... a story must have an ending right? I thank him for replying my text. I am grateful actually. If he didn't? I would drag my self around like a fish on dry land. Though he replied me one day after that. I appreciate his reply. It's like "the" text. It's the "closure" text. Thank god he replied.  

He mentioned about the book!!! In his text he mentioned about the book. Actually his text is very courteous. Well it's good enough. Nothing more that i can expect from a guy who is trying to be nice to a gay boy. 
I did text him on Monday night. (yet again) Asking him about his new job. He replied and i end the conversation after the third text. Saying that i have to hit the showers. I am afraid if i text more he would feel that I'm being clingy or something. 

Miraculously, i don't miss him as much as i thought, but i would thought of him whenever i see something nice. Like the other day i went in a vapor store. i wished that he is there at that time. Cause i wished that i could share everything that is nice with him. I secretly wished that i have the money to buy him one at that time, cause i think he really wants one.   

Other than that, i think i am coping okay. Just that i don't really like this new colleague that replace him and i hope that she is not a mean lady. I also felt like I should have the one "let out" session or something. I'm okay but i felt like i wanna let out some cry or something. Just for the sake of letting out. 

The only person that i really felt like telling to is my boss. I don't think that it would be a problem if i do so but every time i see him. My mood changes. I became happier. He tends to make me smile and laugh a lot when i chat with him. Lollzzz..... I attempted a few times actually. Failed. He made me laugh before i could even start my story. ....hmmm..... 

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