Monday, May 4, 2015


My best friend met a guy. A widower who has two children. My friend is a lady who recently went through a bad time like me. Both of us were dwelling and brewing in a bad potion. For her it's worse when she found out that ppl are talking behind her back. Saying that she gives free sexual favors easily and stuff. Until this guy step in. He is one of the guys in the group of guys that are gossiping about her. Straight guys are bitches trap in a man's body. They just don't know it. Well... I must declare, not all straight guys are, but most of them.

So this guy sort of like rise up as how a gentlemen should be and defended her honor.  Then they hang out more after that. This guy has been total nice and my friend are feeling safe.  All these drama and stuff happens in just two weeks time. This guy is like a Panadol during headache. My friend told me that she is beginning to like this guy.

She says she is afraid she is plunging in a relationship again. You know how you feel when the sex is mutual and passionate & there is this sex that is empty and no connection? She say this is the mutual one. She say it never felt more stabil. She just felt that she is being  a little crazy and stupid for going into a relationship at lightning speed.

Then I asked her. What is more stupid than getting a LA MER just to look better at "HIS" brother's wedding in three months time? Yeah... I told everyone including myself that I didn't miss him. That I'm okay. Then turn around and bought myself a La MER in hope that I will get hope from him by looking better. OMG!!!! This is pathetic beyond words. Not only that. I insist myself to replenish my CK Be just because he happens to like CK Be too. Now everything I buy or do, I would think.. "Which one would he buy?" "What would he do?"  "Which one would I choose for him?" It's like he is my inspiration. 

Actually the stuff that I bought, influenced by "Him" are quite nice and classy. He is actually indirectly improving my lifestyle. This is nuts. How can someone has so much power over me by not initiating anything at all.? It's a good thing though, that I'm improving. It's just that the idea of him being my "inspiration" is not exactly "healthy". 

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