Sunday, November 1, 2009


Two guys in my life that gives me the most impact. I miss them dearly. One is Aba (not his real name). A writer who works from home. We've never met. We chatted over the net for some time. It started two years ago. He's an euration. I've only seen his picture. Well looking. We then proceed in chatting through text messages. I love texting him. He always manage to make me feel good. Somehow he sounded very mature. Makes me felt very stable. Though i know it's fantasy. Through out the first year. We've never spoken of sex nor meeting up. It's actually the first time i ever speak to another gay and didn't start with sex in my mind. He's always kinda flirtatious. But funny deep down inside i know we'll never be together. He's always very lazy too. Always wake up late but make sure his job is done. A very charming guy cause he always make sure to buy gifts for his parents. Or treats them out for dinner from time to time. Aba, is the only guy that actually made me felt love. I know it's nut case. It's only texting. I'm clear that this is virtual. Ironically, we understands it's okay and we understands we won't go overboard loving each other ga-ga-ly. It's mutual.   We complaint and story each other bout the guys we've met and our scandals. The sex scenes. Ha ha....... Well it all ended. One fine day, he stopped texting. After a month i found out that everything and every profile regarding him are deleted. I'm not angry. Cause it's not his duty. I just missed him dearly and begin to worried Shit. I pray that he is doing great and healthy. Fingers crossed. Nothing severed happen. I do still text him every now and then. At least i know There's one person that is wishing him well. 

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