Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have tons to say. Recently i kinda felt i should be at peace but i can't. I have tons of things to think of. Plans and ways to reconstruct my life. I want to do wonders. I want my parents to be proud. What it takes for someone to change the world? I really want to do something to change the world so that i can see the world in a beautiful way. Everything is just so fragile. Easy to fall and break. Somehow i feel why only the riches could see the world in a beautiful way? They can travel. They can avoid traffic. They can shop like in the movies. They can offer the poor comfort. They can do what they want.Maybe even buy love!! Can't they? Realistically speaking, Money are kinda everything. You wanna go out and find a guy? You need money to buy a drink. I'm not looking  'money' in a bad way it's just a simple truth. This simple truth actually makes many struggles isn't it? Struggling to struggle. Just try to comfort everyone you see people. I think a little comfort will make someone fight harder.


  1. Actually i think you'll need money for everything as long as you're out of yer home which you pay the rent everymonthes haha :)
    I think they should open free bars for not-rich people !!