Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Average out

I am fine. Fine i guess. Been working my tail off. Something i realized about my self. I tend to do stuff till i felt satisfied. While attending to the busy chaos in the store i do felt like i was back to the past where i once enjoyed all these stuff. My position now though are different. Reverse psychology. Hahahha.... How creative i could get? I have to gain these people's respect and actually be friend at the same time. These young kids are cute. Fresh and actually got hit by my staff a few times. Hahha.....I have been smoking lots. Stress really are dangerous. I think i take two packets a day now. I have to smoke lesser. Other than that, it's quite comforting when everywhere i go i always got flirts from guys. Like the other day at the toilet. If only it's a quiet toilet, otherwise we'll have sex already. I was at the first urinal and he is at the next one. Shorter than me. Bloody gorgeous. Maybe he is an Eurasian. He was there before me. So ny timing he should already finish but he seems to be shaking longer than usual. I peeked and it was uncut. Semi hard. A beautiful length and sight. Too bad too many people were in the toilet. So we went off. Did though exchange stares at the mirrors. He went off after that. When i go oit, i saw he is actually with his girlfriend walking away. It's lame but the thought of a little bit gay straight guy makes me super horny. Hahahah.... hope i'll see him again.

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