Friday, May 21, 2010


Decision of me.  My eyes  has been healing well. Apparently it is not fast enough and i really felt it. When the store is busy and all the paper works that need to be done. I just am useless when my vision is really needed. It is so damm frustrating. I know this is a good opportunity and i can't help it by thinking that i'm lousy and it's my fault when i can't work. When it's really out of my control. I have to choose to stay or take a long rest. If i leave i will start my own business and do things at my own descrepencies. But to earn my own money. Hard work. If i stay at work. iy will be steady income and pray my eyes get well fast. I guess by typing thiis i have made my decisions. I think i'm going to stop working. Rest and see two months  time is enough to heal completely.

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