Monday, May 31, 2010


Went praying the other day. Something i wanted to do for some time already, but never got a chance. Not gonna mention about work cause it's all a mess and sad. Gonna mention about my colleagues though. Practically everyone is gay. They are hitting on me. OMG!!! How can a manager get messed up with them? One of them got my attention though. He is the kind i'll never got attracted to. He is very sissy and too soft. But what i like is that he is very polite and courteous. Today he tried to brush through my bulge. Hahah... of course i act as if theres nothing and walk away but at the same time something grew bigger!! I have to go out right away and have a smoke to cool down. I cannot be messing up with my staff!!! Though these stuff could spice up my work life. Hmmm... felt a bit bored. cause he is gonna off for the next two days. anyway i have to keep my dirty thoughts to myself.

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