Friday, May 28, 2010


This is the only way i could reach out the world/ I am a dreamy person. I dream of things i couldn't reach and i get thrills on how celebrities touch peoples heart. I guess i am always of the emotional kind. I love making people feel warmth at heart. It has always been my passion to see people cry out of happiness. cry out of satisfactions. To see one cry because of some touched by some miracle hands or being lift up by some invisible wings. i guess thats why sad movies or heart moving endings makes me felt home. Is this the path i want/ I mean the job i'm doing now. This unofficial fast lane of artificial make believes?? I miss those time where i am excited to go to work. Where my life is fully  dedicated to the wonders of mgical moments. Where did all those goes?  I loose friends as i grow. My one love one is the last to leave. He left without saying goodbye. Bumble Bee. I miss him dearly. We have never been together. We have been best friends. What a term. BFF?? Why left without saying goodbye?? I mind. It really matters. I really really mind. Fool... i hope you are doing fine out there in the wild. I wish you well. I hope you will call me the next time you come back. This you didn't..... I'm juggling in and out just to survive. I'm moaning in pain here but i couldn't do it out loud. I could only cry inside and scream with my eyes.

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