Saturday, July 3, 2010

Im true definition i'm blind

Thats what my doctor said. I have to cut down smoking and eventually stop smoking. Well if that's for the best, i have to do it. You know every time when i go visit my doctor i secretly would have a semi hard on. Thats just so pervy of me.  It's just the environment and if there is a male nurse walks by my radar will go nuts!!!! Ha Ha.... so inappropriate. Well...... now that i have to rest at home and be good. So i have to figure out more actions in a different way. Sly May be i should order more pizzas or deliveries. At least i have some fresh lads to look at. Oh... i remember, the guy who delivers the gas are super cute.!!! Oh, imagine .... time like this i still think of guys... O I;m soooo bored!!!!

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