Thursday, August 26, 2010


Anything of pure simplicity is always hard to achieve or maybe to get. Don't you realize that to just sit and enjoy the scenery sipping a cup of coffee are usually done by rich people? You got to have money just to afford the simplest things in life.
I watched a show the other day. It's about this guy who really wants to hike one of this mountain and everything. So i guess he got the chance to do it but he has never trained to rock climb. Then he got trained a few days and start climbing this mountain. It takes him 3 days to reach the peak and obviously he cannot do it alone. So his trainer will climb with him. Now the thing is, while climbing it they depend on each other a lot. As they will stay overnight on the cliff and the srcurity stuff as well. So the dreamy guy is obviously gay. The trainer is obviously straight. When you see a man takes care of another man is really a very sweet thing. Especially when you know one is gay an one is not. The trainer should have some idea that he is gay. Still he kinda care for him like normal. Well actually not very normal. cause it looks like he is taking care of a gay (not woman) instead of a buddy. It should be different cause, you know how straights with their buddy. I have always have this thing avout guys taking care of another guy. It is a beautiful thing.
I hope there is a man to do that to me. :) I'm drooling already. i should stop for today.

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