Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Empty

Hmmm.... you ever felt like you have so much to do and everything seems to flash through your brain and at the end it's actually empty? I seems to have so much to do but i just can't decide where to start! What's worst is that i went out for my birthday dinner the other day. A simple walk around the mall makes me go crazy. There are actually so many stuff that i have been wanting to do. Like now, i just can't decide. This is frustrating. I have just gain 3kg due to my medications. I tend to eat a lot. I feel ugly to even walk put the door. It's just a month that i have been sitting at home and the world changes fast. Just a moment at the toilet the other day, and guys are very daring or shall i say des[erate. Well i know i do but since my vision is limited so i just don't look. The guys in the toilet instead are.... well you know standing beside you longer than usual. Well, though i can't look doesn't mean i can't have a hard on. The guy that was beside me was the waiter where i'm having my birthday dinner. Damm!!!! He is hot as far as i know. When he serve my table, i can see that he is lean and toned. When he lean forward to remove some plates , his bulge is right on the table. He place it right on the table. I think he knows how to work the table. Such a teaser. Back to the toilet..... I think i got nervous. I don't dare to look when i know he is standing there for so long. I eventually turn to look but i don't know why, i just can't see but i can see he is looking at me. Arrghhh...... at the end someone came in and we just went off. Well, it's good for him too, or else with the inner energy that i have reserved for that exercise. I'll suck him dry in one go. LOL.......

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