Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I never realised

I want love but I've never realised how much i want it. Sorry guys for not blogging for some time. Kinda busy as i am not working, i tend to look for stuff to do. Hence i gave my hoe an extreme makeover. It just proofs i'm not gay enough. ZIt's messier than before. LOL....... Anyway about "the" LOVE. I have never realised i have wanted it so much. I actually had tears in my eyes when i see just a simple gesture of a guy worrying about another guy. IKinda think of it. I never ever had a guy really hugs me and comfort me or even when i want it i couldn't get it. I think i'm becoming a whore for love. At any moment now if any guy who actually worries about me i think i will melt and grief. Hahha.... lol....Well, things always happens in a weird way. Sometimes in a weird way it will never happens too.

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