Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm hungry all the time. I found these sweet potato my sister bought. So i peeled it and start eating it while watching the tv. Of course i ate it like I've never eaten before. I start licking it and start to indulge it. Then i realize it was 8 inches in length and it was around 2.5 to 3 inches wide. I am actually eating it like I'm giving a blowjob... LOl..!! Well i didn't know i could take such huge ones. It's no wonder guys always are breathless when ever i take them. It was kinda nuts though to actually have that thought while eating. Thank god i was alone. I would be flushed if anyone sees me blowing a potato. Aiks!!!  Anyway i have been smoking a lot. Why people always does things that they know will harm them and also insist of doing it. Hmmm..... Oh  this guy living opposite my house were checking me out today. I was gardening, squat down to water the plants. I must have looked quite .......... cause i was wearing white surf shorts and it's white. Am not wearing underwear plus my shorts is partly wet. Ha ha ha..... not intended. Maybe i looked ugly. Don't know. i wonder how does that guy looks like? As i can't see that far, hence i don't know how he looks like.


  1. Sweet potatoes are good for you, better than white potatoes. But you should eat the skins also because that's where the vitamins are located, which is true for most fruits and vegetables. Use a blender to make smoothies (apple juice, fruits, raw veggies, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and virgin coconut oil mixed together). You must consume as many antioxidants as you can. Visit a health food store immediately. Are there any in Kuala Lumpur? Purchase multi-minerals by Country Life and consume like candy, and a high quality "greens" supplement (algae, seaweed, grass sprouts, etc.). Also take 200mg of grape seed extract at each meal, with an enzyme tablet. Check out and get his eye drops. Also buy a water ionizer from (popular in Japan). Email for more info.

  2. Jb,I am actually flattered that you woud leave so many comments. A very tight Hugs and Kisses from me.