Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have never met a really cute doctor. Well maybe once. I always no, maybe because when ever it's a right time it's never a right doctor. I visited a doctor yesterday. It's not because of my eyes and it's something else. So i visited this doctor. Just a random pick. Kinda looks cheap, the place i meant. But there are so many guys around. I think it's just a coincident. At that time there are only guys there. Making all my senses tingling. Lol... nuts... then later there are these bunch of africans came in . Probably one accompanying the other. I usually never got attracted to them because they kinda speak very loud. These guys are actually attractive. Very slim and kinda fit looking. Hmmm..... I can't do anything cause my sisteres are around. Finally i was called in to the doc. A guy. I mean a male doc. Mid 40's Indian. I have some scars on my stomach. So i showed him. Because those scars are growing. He can't stop touching my stomach. It's a light touch i would say. He then showed me some pictures of the same scars. That book are full of pictures of penises. Well it's medically related but a bit too much of it. Hahhah....... He then later actually try to trick me to give out my cell phone number by asking me to fill up soe forms. Hmm.... I didn't give a correct number/ As much as i wanted sex and a relationshp? I think i'm not in a condition to be savouring that now. 

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