Thursday, October 21, 2010


I can't stop thinking of the idea of how i would spend my time if i get a chance to go back. Go back time i mean.  Everything goes by really fast now these. Even the way i view pictures on the net are faster now. I practically just scroll down. Saved tons of beautiful pictures but never open them up to view again. Sometimes i really want to just have "a" time. Imagine sitting on a couch that had ten soft pillows lying on them. When you lay your back on it, you could just feel the pillows hugging around you. Soft music, Dim soft lights, cool air conditioned room with the smells of berries filled the room. Just sitting there with a glass of vine. You felt time. You felt time  just paused there. Just for you to savor the moment. To top it up, if there is a companion sitting right beside you to talk to you. Just a good chat. Remembering the past or the future or fantasies. I really think talking are important. Taking some time back are important. Re-evaluating your actions are important. I really think too, that people now these don't stop and look, or even breath in that moment. Go to a club on a Saturday night and wake up the next day remembering only the journey of you going to that club. If you ever take time off and see things, you will be surprised what you get out of it. Time is very precious. Well, I regret i did't do so many things that i should already have done. No matter how old or young you are, if you sre reading these, try to at least take some time off for yourself.

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